Tuesday, July 31, 2012

online courses

I remember reading a 3d World article that was about sculpting the female figure in zbrush. Scott Eaton went to the Florence Academy of Art. There is a part of me that would love to go try that out. Well, we'll see. For now there are some great online courses. It's just too bad most of them are so pricey. 

Scott Eaton -- he's got an awesome Anatomy Course for Artists: http://www.scott-eaton.com/anatomy-for-artists-online-course

There is also Michael Defeo's zbrush sculpting course that also seems interesting. http://schoolism.com/school.php?id=4

Then there's of course the cgtalk workshops, gnomon, digital tutors, escape studios, and animation mentor (if you're into animating). 

Right now I seem to have been given this amazing time to really learn some new things so I am doing the best I can to take advantage of it before I'm out in 'the real world' again.

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